Switching From Firefox To Chrome? Transfer The Tabs To Chrome

Published: 19th August 2011
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Have you ever found that a website is opening better in a particular web browser? Have you wondered the reason behind this? Well, even though a majority of the web developers try to write code in a manner that will enable the website visitors to view a particular website in a similar way in all web browsers, some websites do appear different when viewed in different browsers. If you have multiple tabs open in the Mozilla Firefox web browser and want to view the same tabs in Google Chrome web browser, you have to transfer the tabs by importing the addresses from one browser to the other browser. If you are not confident on this transformation yourself, you can seek the Atlanta tech support services for help.

It must be noted that Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers do not interface with each other. Make sure that you save the multiple tabs that you have open in Mozilla Firefox to a bookmark file and then make efforts to import the file into the Google Chrome bookmarks. You may always avail an Atlanta fix computer service if you get stuck somewhere while trying to transfer the tabs.

The user has to first run the Mozilla Firefox web browser. At the next step, the users have to open up each web address that must be transferred to Chrome in a Firefox tab. Now the users must hold down the keys CTRL and SHIFT on the keyboard and then press D altogether. This will open an Add Bookmarks window for the users.

The users must type a name for the new tabs folder in the field labeled Name and then proceed to click on the option Add Bookmarks. This step will help the user save the tabs to the Firefox bookmarks. If anything goes wrong, the user can immediately contact the Atlanta computer repair service.

Now the users can hold down the keys CTRL and SHIFT as well as B for opening the Organize Bookmarks window. The user has to locate the button that is labeled Import and Backup and then click on Export HTML. The users must navigate to the folder where they prefer to save their Firefox bookmarks and then click on the Save button for saving the changes made.

Now exit Firefox and then run the Google Chrome web browser. Find the wrench like icon located in the upper right side of the program window and then click on the Bookmark Manager option. Click on the Organize drop down menu and then click on the option labeled Import bookmarks; this should enable you to open a file browser window. If there is any problem, Atlanta PC support providers will be able to render their help.

The user must navigate to the folder where the Firefox bookmarks have been saved and then double click the bookmarks .html file for importing the bookmarks into Google Chrome. Right click the folder located on the left side of the Bookmark Manager window and click on the option Open all bookmarks in a new window for opening all the bookmarked tabs. The Firefox tabs will be opened in a Google Chrome window as you wanted it to.

The Atlanta computer support providers can offer assistance to all people facing computer issues and hassles. The Atlanta computer help service makes sure that computer users never get stuck while working on their machines.

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